There are many 'behaviourists' out there who claim to be able to solve your problems. A number of these services are franchises who only give their franchisees a limited amount of training (a few weeks) and then claim that they are qualified behaviourists. We feel that some of the methods used by certain organisations are potentially harmful to the relationship between you and your dog. We have ACTUAL EXPERIENCE in rehabilitating rescue dogs with serious problems - and we'd like to offer this to dog owners who'd like some common-sense advice, and then be shown how they can help their dog.

Be prepared - you will have to roll up your sleeves too!  There always the possibility that you'll have to learn as much as your dog!

 There's very little point for us to come into your home, get Fido to sit on command, and stop misbehaving if we don't explain to you HOW these techniques work. We need to show you, the owner, how to deal with these problems yourself. If you have to call us to your home every time Fido barks, perhaps we'd be making a a lot of money and be able to retire at 40 - but that won't help you or your dog. 

We'll explain what you need to do to tackle the problem, and if you need any follow-up advice, we're only a phone call away. If we do have to make further visits we will, but it is much better for you and your dog if you understand each other and can work through the problems together.


We ask you to cover our travelling costs, and make an appropriate donation to the rescue.  Some behaviourists charge well over 150 an hour - we don't expect that sort of donation unless you can afford it, and are willing to pay it!  We request 65 for the first hour and then £35 for each hour or part of an hour after.  Any money over and above this figure is always appreciated, and remember, all money helps the dogs we look after at Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs.


Well, have a read of our rescue website, www.wiccaweys.co.uk - that will give you an idea of our methods and experience.  If you're still unsure about using us, then feel free to find another specialist to help you.

Our years of experience rehabilitating and retraining discarded and abandoned Border Collies means we have extensive knowledge of the breed and their needs.  Our behavioural advice has often been used by other rescues such as the RSPCA, Wood Green and District Dog Rescue in Warrington to name but a few.


We can offer advice on the telephone for a donation to the rescue, but please bear in mind that it is difficult to make a precise telephone evaluation of a situation without all the relevant information.  It is important that you are able to give us as much information about the behaviour as possible.

If you ask for advice over the phone, you may send us a donation through the post to show your appreciation or via PAYPAL.  How much you wish to donate is up to you.

To arrange a visit, or to call, click on the 'Contact Us' link below.



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The advice given in this site is no way to be taken as a replacement for professional advice either by a Veterinarian or a Behaviourist. Situations of individual animals vary greatly, and what causes problems in one Collie can be different for another.  If you would like one-to-one advice, then please get in touch by using the 'contact us' link.  This site 2004 Border Collie SOS.