Wiccaweys Owners Club!
Some of the dogs who have been rescued/rehomed by Wiccaweys the past.

Please email your stories and pictures to: wiccaweys@aol.com


Dear Sarah & Paul,

It seems about 14 years since I last saw you! Mum says that only works out at about 2 human years - but it's a long time for me!

We were looking at your brand new website which we both think is great. We even think there's a sneaky picture of me on the 'How We Do It' behavioural page (probably taken at Aunty Em's)!

I've been on at mum for ages to write to you - she's been kind of busy with her teaching and was in a place called 'hospital' recently - I wasn't allowed to go with her but I think she's ok now.

So we thought we'd send you a few pictures of our adventures so far, and if you like them perhaps you could put one or two on the Wiccaweys Owners Club web page! That would make me very proud!

My mum takes pictures of me and her doing silly things, but we also do lots of nice things too, and she's told me to tell you that we spent three weeks last summer driving in her little red Fiesta around Europe.

I had to get a passport and have a rabies jab (ouch!) and then I went to 6 countries - France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Holland!

I liked Germany the best - there was a big paddling pool called the 'Danube' - being a water-baby that was my favourite!
And I was a farm dog in Sweden! - (no sheep to chase though - just vegetables). We drove over 2500 miles!

I also often go to school with her when she's teaching - and sometimes I meet the children - they all love me!

We're driving up to the Lake District in a few weeks - if you're around we'd love to pop in and say hello to you on the way.

Well, better go now - it's dinner time! Mum says she's sorry for not being in touch very much (though she knows Aunty Em's been keeping you up-to-date). I'll make sure I remind her to write to you more often!

Thanks for helping me find my mum - she was new to all this when you let her have me, but she seems to have gotten the hang of things! She's really just as nutty as me and spoils me rotten!

Lots of love from
Toby & Caroline


Shep is a lovely little dog who had really been to hell and back.
He was roughly around 7mths old when he came to Wiccaweys after being rescued from the most appaling conditions. Shep suffered severe cruelty and abuse, but thanks to the courage and bravery of two elderly ladies , and to Ali who adopted him, this young lad has had the opportunity to have the life he truly deserves, and to become the wonderful dog that we all knew was in there..

You can read about what Shep endured in the Evil that Men do section.

Dear Sarah and Paul,
thought you might like to see these pics of shep having fun! He recently won our agility clubs best standard dog award (beating all the proper competition dogs!!!). He's doing fantastically and is being thoroughly spoilt!
Hope things are ok with you and all of yours,
Ali and Shep


Belle is the little pup who features on the dogs needing homes page, she came in with her brother and sister as pups. Belle now lives with Jan, her hubby and several collie friends. She is away most weekends at agility events. Her posh name for those who attend agility competitions is Memphis Blue Belle

"Ok, I've done that, what's next?"


Wilf is an older collie from Ireland who had spent all his life as a farm and outdoor dog. He was beaten up by the other farm dogs, and so Wilf was a bit of a rough and ready kinda chap! Wiccaweys were asked to by one of the Irish Rescues if we could help with Wilf, as the farmer was going to shoot him. He had reached the end of his usefulness.

But that wasn't true, Wilf still had the most important job in his life still to come. Shortly after christmas 03 we received a phone call from a lady. Her mother had lost her elderly border collie in christmas eve, and she was devastated. She had lost her best friend and partner.

We spoke about Wilf, although we weren't sure if he would suit Peggy because of his background, however we arranged to go over so they both could meet. We needn't have worried, it was love at first sight on both sides.

Wilf spotted an armchair, and claimed it as his own - it must be his, it had collie cushions in it!

So Wilf and Peggy began their life together... Peggy takes care of Wilf, and Wilf takes care of Peggy. They both have someone who needs them.

Wilf takes looking after Peggy very seriously, and when some suspect looking gentlemen called at Peggy's house asking if she wanted her drive doing, Wilf chased them off down the drive and out of the gate. He made sure they were gone before coming back.

Peggy and Wilf often go visiting with her neighbour for tea and biscuits. Sadly Peggy's neighbour recently lost her husband, so Wilf now keeps a watchful eye over her too.

Wilf has friends who pop round to take him out for a walk, but truth be known, he would much rather stay at home with Peggy. When they go visiting with Peggy's daughter and family, he likes to go off for nice long walks - because he knows Peggy is safe while he is gone. But it isn't long before he wants to get back to her again.

Not bad for a written off old farm dog


Pink was a little collie puppy who came over from Ireland. I was meeting Tess, a fellow rescuer from Ireland, to collect 3 collies who were coming into Wiccaweys, and she showed me a litter of collie pups who were heading for another rescue. Tess was very worried about one of them, as she really hadn't enjoyed the journey and was very quiet and lethargic. The rest of the litter were very bold and bouncing around, with plenty to say for themselves! I offered to take the little pup home with me, so she could come into a home environment, rather than a kennels.

Once home, it didn't take Pink long to show her true colours. After a couple of days of TLC, she came to life with a vengence.

Pink soon found herself a new Mummy and Daddy, and 2 new doggy sisters. The shy little pup who so worried us all is now the star of the dog club and already strutting her stuff in front of crowds at demonstrations!

From this scared little girl who arrived..............................To this confident star of the show!

Pretty good going for a scared little girl from Ireland... "Watch out for me on the circuit...I'm coming to get those rosettes!"

Kes & Monty

An email from Kes & Monty's Mum and Dad

Dear Sarah, Sorry its been so long - I dont know where the time goes!!!
Kes and Monty are fantastic and have settled in really well.
Kes has become a real attention seeker and is always up for a cuddle. Despite her undershot jaw she can still manage to fit 5 doggie biscuits in her mouth at one go. She is the intelligent one out of the two and is quite protective over her house but loves talking to anyone(human or dog) that she meets.
She loves the farm especially riding on the quad bike and in the tractors. Initially she spent a lot of time trying to make friends with the sheep but is now becoming adept at stalking them instead - she likes to make Monty do the running.

Monty is the biggest wimp out - but if Kes does it then so will he!!!
He loves being with the sheep and gets really excited.
He is working them well with lots of guidance but occassionally gets so excited that he runs straight through the middle of them scattering them every where. Despite an initial terror of cars, vans and anything that moves he is now quite happy in the car and in the tractor although leaves the quad biking to Kes.

Kes as a Pup

Kes & Monty on holiday


"Can you see 'em yet Kes?"

"Not a sign Monty - and how many times do I have to tell you to show some restraint and not run through the middle of the sheep barking who wants some Mint Sauce!"

When they get too hot both of them head for the nearest water trough or pond. They are continually on the go either working with me or chasing each other around the farm or the house in mock fights.

I am so glad we got the two as they are best of friends and both such a joy to have around. We are rarely without them - the longest they were left alone was one day for two hours. They have been to the seaside, ploughing matches and to steam fairs. On a health note Monty has slight problems with his hips which I noticed when he runs and he sits at an angle. It is not disabling at all and doesn't slow him down although we have banned him from jumping over sheep hurdles. He is on Glucosamine and the vet is monitoring him. Probably something which may become a problem in his old age.

We love them both to bits and I believe that is reciprocated from both dogs. Thank you so much.
Will let you know how they are progressing.
Kind Regards Andrea, Ron, Kes and Monty

Chillin' after a busy mornings work

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just a quick Merlin update for you. He is doing fine and taking to Italian life well. He loves sitting outside in the garden (weather permitting) and chasing the tractors and farm machines that go past the house (don't worry - he is behind a fence!) and keeping guard to warn away the local wandering dogs that are let out to run free during the day - they do wind him up. For some reason they do not seem to neuter their dogs here so the males drive Merlin and the girls mad by peeing up our fence.

We go for regular walks around the lake that is a few minutes drive from the house - but Merlin has developed a love for the water so we have to keep an eye on him! I have attached a photo I took on Christmas day when we went for a walk with Chris's parents. We had lovely weather here - unlike in the UK I believe.

People seem to have very mixed reactions to the dogs over here. To start with having more than one dog is unusual, so four gets me stared at a fair bit when I am walking them on my own especially. Secondly most of the dogs are much smaller than ours, so Merlin gets some odd reactions more than the others. Some people look at him as though I had a wolf or a tiger on a lead (I have learnt to say "he is not aggressive" in Italian!) and actually move away. Others are amazed at how beautiful he is and then we get lots of 'che bello' (how beautiful) when we pass. We met a group of English people in the car park at the lake on Sunday and they were all over Merlin - they had two dogs themselves and live in the centre of town. Merlin loved all the fuss!

Take care and I will keep an eye on the website to see how things are going.

Love Carrie, Chris and the gang